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    how to scan negatives with an Epson Perfection 636u scanner

    You don't indicate the nature of the problem. Is it that the backlight on the film adapter doesn't work? You capture an image but the software doesn't correctly process it?
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    SOLVED Win7 failure to detect external devices

    My bad. It would be great if the spell checker caught stuff like that. Sounds like the original Epson driver was corrupted. Glad you got it fixed without having to start over (which in this case, would not even have helped).
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    Upgrade from XP to Windows 7?

    3 GB RAM and 100 GB HDD--absolutely. But how many machine came with those kinds of resources and Win XP? A really good XP machine had 1 GB RAM, which was a lot at that time. Ray9640 doesn't say whether the old machine is a laptop. If it was, a hard disk under 100 GB at that time was typical...
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    Upgrade from XP to Windows 7?

    Something to think about--when Microsoft talks about the minimum hardware specs to run Win 7 (or 8), the minimum machine will run the operating system but you may not be happy with how your software runs in the resources that are left. If you don't use it for much but surfing the web, doing...
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    SOLVED Floppy Disk Drive

    It sounds like it is "discovering" it when you boot. Are all of the devices accounted for or does it look like it is mistaking some device for a floppy drive? When you say it's showing up in Devices, are you just finding an entry for it in the device manager and no other indication or is a...
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    Windows 7 64 bit driver for Epson Stylus Photo

    I bought my Epson Stylus Photo I believe when Windows 3.1 was the latest and greatest and kept it working on an old XP machine that I kept around just so I could use the printer and some old software that wouldn't run on anything else. I finally gave up the fight when it was time to replace XP...
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    Windows 7 64 bit driver for Epson Stylus Photo

    The original post was 4 1/2 years ago and time has a way of "solving" some of these problems for us. I also had the original Epson Stylus Photo and loved it and similarly had a lifetime ink supply. Those cartridges could be refilled almost forever and I'm still trying to get multi-colored inks...
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    SOLVED Win7 failure to detect external devices

    That's an odd kind of failure for Windows. Starting over with a new Windows install is a lot of work and there is always a chance that the Epson tech got it wrong. Before you reinstall Windows, I would check a few things just on the chance that Windows might not be the problem. If the printer...
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    SOLVED Setting up Outlook 2010 with pop3/imap SMTP

    The immediate issue is using an imap server for pop3 (that's why you got that particular message). See this link about IMAP vs. POP3: There are four kinds of Yahoo email service--free, premium, and free and premium in certain countries. In most...
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    Net Use LPT1... not working for a local usb printer on Win7 64 bit

    Try sticking the prn file in the spool directory for the printer.
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    Uninstall Snapdo

    Here's a link that explains how you got it and how to get rid of it:
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    Hardware testing software

    I'll get the ball rolling. Hopefully, other members will add to the list or comment on these programs' effectiveness. Prime95 and MemTest86+ are pretty well known programs. In fact, here is a little tutorial from 2010 on...
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    Missing files and disk letter changed

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. An extra pair can't hurt.
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    Screen dimming

    If you want input on battery life, it's probably best to start a new thread. With older laptops that used NiCad batteries, it was a good idea to do what you are doing to minimize memory effect. If your laptop uses lithium or NiMH batteries, memory effect isn't an issue. BTW, if your 10 year...
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    Brightness settings are reversed in Windows 7

    I did some quick research and found that you are not alone. Do a Google search on the reverse brightness problem and you will have enough reading to keep you busy for days. Three things that popped out: Many of the posts were by people who had replaced their screens. Apparently, there are...