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    SOLVED Audio Insanity

    wow this place is dead now. shame. well either way. the fix was found by going into the "playback devices" clicking the speakers > properties > advanced > unchecking and then REchecking the option "allow devices to take exclusive control.." this made all programs go back into the default audio...
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    SOLVED Audio Insanity

    Hi guys, been a while! WEIRD situation I have here, and i'll try my best to explain. ok, so, here goes. its an audio issue. normally all sounds go through speakers, as is default, and with that you can simply open up volume mixer and you can see everything thats currently outputting sound...
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    SOLVED RAM wont boot.

    daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang. Thanks for the info!
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    SOLVED RAM wont boot.

    I'm not entirely mad for the fault, it happens, and to be able to double up for now is already an increase. So it's alright haha. Off topic, and I suppose this might get edited and into its own thread, but I was wondering wether or not it was possible to mod mobos, with USB3 ports? My initial...
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    SOLVED RAM wont boot.

    Hi guys! BEEN A FREAKING LONG TIME, apologies. So I'm starting the upgrade cycle again, got myself 4x 4GB Corsair Dominator sticks. Cleaned out the pc, stuck em in. Boom, no boot. No post, no bios. With 2 sticks in, it boots perfectly fine and that's how I'm writing this thread now. But I've...
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    boot manager goes missing

    SUP so a friend of mine has had a problem with his windows 7 installation since friday - after experiencing a crash, the reboot would subsequently fail to post; mostly this has happened whilst playing CSS, but has spread to simply any kind of shut down/start up. my friend has had to reinstall...
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    Windows 7 Desktop Screenshots

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    Starcraft 2 BSOD

    how interesting. im running razer gear, and have no problems with SC2. general question here though, im assuming that, for instance, you built 2 identical pcs, with the exact same hardware and software/firmware etc etc all the same - you still wouldnt have identical machines? i.e. 1 could still...
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    What's your phone?

    blackberry bold 9700
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    yodap now has 33% of team production. :)

    HAHAHA clifford! way to monopolize the pie.
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    CCleaner v3 Released

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    CCleaner v3 Released

    what is it? an ... optimizer? what is the use in wiping free space?
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    CCleaner v3 Released

    ive downloaded it, but it installed to the x86 folder - im not sure if there is a separate 64bit dl link available? sorry if being a stupido, im not in best condition right now... EIDT; nevermind, i just checked the process - its 64.
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    SOLVED Internet Explorer 9

    if you just want to remove it, CCleaner will do the job. if you need instructions after youve downloaded/installed, give us a shout.
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    How to upgrade ram,processor,hdd on a laptop??

    actually, when i updated all my parts, which included a new mobo and new cpu, i didnt need a new key at all. im still on my original.