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    how to recover documents from dead pc

    Hello here, i want to recover document from HDD. how to access on HDD to get out document from it and save it to external HDD? I can not boot up into Ubuntu livecd because between case and monitor there is not signal to each other. it has not onboard intergraded port, there is installed asus...
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    Asus k55a

    Hello here, I need new drivers for my notebook ASUS K55A , i searched it to its manufacturer website but there are 04/2012 drivers, a bit old. where can i download new versions? thanks in advanced
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    restrict user's account correctly

    Hello here, I have windows 7, i create also another account for other users in that pc. i would like to make some restriction for them to not allow them to look on C drive , control pannel and so on... can u help me to manage that correctly? thanks in advanced.
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    Windows 7 64 bit Drivers

    driver booster is nice, also DRP solution is good. but better is to download and update them from its manufacturer website.
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    External HDD

    Hello friends, I need ur help and advise: I have external HDD with 1TB (Transcend) and i want to create windows back ups on it and after when i needed to restore them to PC. In my job there is about 80 PC. Also to have all basic programs on it after restore run them. also is possible...
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    Trouble in printing

    i will try that to create new user. there is installed ms office 2007
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    Trouble in printing

    Hello here, I have such trouble in printing from exel file. i have windows 7, i got new printer canon, i installed driver of it correctly. when i printing from word file there is listed my printer and it is ok works but when i want to print ecxel file there is not listed printer to choose...
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    SOLVED Official Windows 7 SP1 ISO Image Downloads

    Hello, i tried to download that ISO images but nothing ,,the page is not avalaible" what is problem?
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    Multiboot USB Drive

    Hello here, I would create multi boot USB flash drive to install windows 7 all versions and bits by it and also to add other utilities there? Can anyone support me about it? thanks in advanced.
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    windows works very slowly

    Hello sirs, I have such trouble in one PC, I installed clean installation on PC, i formated a C: drive and after installed Windows 7 ultimate 64bit on it, PC is with dual processor and 4 GB RAM, installation finished normally, i installed all manufacturer drivers on it, PC is new bought and...
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    welcome sounds comes late

    Hello, My Windows has such ill: my laptop is asus k55a with 4GB RAM, i installed windows 7 64bit ultimate. when i start it after it loads normally desktop appears but welcome sounds comes very late. what does it means and what i have to do for it? thanks in advanced.
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    trouble to start application correctly

    Hello friends,[/size] How are you all here? Sorry for disturbing you but i need help of you, trouble is that: Today in my job had such problems: troubling was to accessing on any programs on pc's no browsers, antiviruses, programs even not word, excel files was not access able...
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    Best Free Anti-virus

    MSE , Avira, Kav is best all of them. also AVG and bitdefender is quite good.
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    website font

    I know what language is it, it is Georgian one of ancient language in the world. but why i have like that mixed fonts, is it browser problem?
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    website font

    no one knows about that?