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    Battlefeild 2142 Crash

    When ever i start BF2142 it goes to black like it's loading and everything, but then goes to the "BF2142 has stop working" thing. I've tried running it in XP combatilbe mode, but nothing. I looked on the web and it said it was compatible with the new patch which i applied but no result. I'm in...
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    Sleep Mode

    No it's not, I built this myself. I updated it and I still get the issue. I just might start using hibernate instead.
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    Sleep Mode

    I still get an error message when I have uninstalled ESET and Daemon tools, and the realtek drivers where updated, and i still can't figure it out. Tells me that a BSOD happened when i didn't see it.
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    Sleep Mode

    Hello, I'm new here. My problem here is that everytime I go to put my pc to sleep, it does but when I shake the mouse or hit the keyboard it does a blind crash. Like when it wakes back up the entire pc crashes and restarts w/o even loading into the log in screen. I do this so i can have a quick...