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    Welcome to

    Hello w7forums, I look forward to learning more about Windows 7 and hopefully how to fix my network problem.
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    Amazing 5.5 Gigapixel Image

    Think your 10 megapixel camera is high resolution? Think again! This is a 5.5 gigapixel image, stitched together from lots of smaller images to make 1 large photo: You can zoom all the way in to things that aren't even visible in full...
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    Windows 8 under development

    Is there a release date pencilled in for Windows 8, or is this a long time in the future? I do congratulate them on an original name though, they must have saved some money in a recession coming up with a name like that. ;)
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    Unidentified Network local access only

    Hello w7forums users! I hope you will be able to offer some advice on my problem. I am using Windows 7 (7022) and when my computer comes out of standby I get a message in the network centre saying something to the effect of Unidentified Network, Local Access on my internet connection (to a...