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    Thermal Interface Material

    You might have to consider a different case that includes removable washable filters, and more case fans. Still, most computers are designed to be operated in environments considered to be comfortable for humans. And 45 - 50°C (113 to 122°F) is not comfortable. So I would let the AC run for a...
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    SOLVED Floppy Disk Drive

    It may just be the controller showing up. Did you recently reset or flash upgrade your BIOS. You might go into the BIOS Setup Menu and disable the floppy controller. Or, you may have a USB storage device connected to your computer that is registering as a floppy.
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    My laptop keeps shutting down while playing games. Help!!

    64°C is not "hot" but it is very warm and could still result in stability issues. My suggestion to use a cooling pad still holds - especially when running resource demanding programs like 3D animated games. You should also remove every cover, the battery, drives and any card to expose as...
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    Windows 7 or 8

    I feel I need to come back in and apologize for getting so defensive in my last two replies. As a WASP (white Anglo-Saxon Protestant) (I doubt that is "politically correct", but that describes what I am), I am not used to, nor hardened to criticisms based solely on a label. When I first...
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    Windows 7 or 8

    I appreciate that. I would ask you consider in the future how you would feel if someone pre-judged you and posted such a "joke" in a technical forum based solely on your profile information - that is, your name? It would be inappropriate, for sure - and most likely, totally inaccurate.
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    Windows 7 or 8

    If you knew anything about me, or the MVP program, you would know that comment (1) is insulting to me personally, and (2) shows a complete ignorance of the MVP program. I mention the EULA because it is important users understand the law and their legal obligations. It is a disservice to...
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    Windows 7 or 8

    Maybe, maybe not. Please note a common misunderstanding among many users is they assume they can use their old Windows license on a new computer, or with their upgraded motherboard. The fact is the vast majority of Windows licenses are NOT legally transferable. Only the "boxed" full Retail...
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    My laptop keeps shutting down while playing games. Help!!

    First thought is heat - since gaming is one of the most demanding tasks we can ask of our computers. So you need to make sure you don't have a build up of heat trapping dust. I wish whoever coined the word "laptop" never did. A "notebook" should never be used on your lap (or bed, carpet...
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    Desktop display

    What are they for? What do they do when you try to delete them? Any errors? You might try booting into Safe Mode? And why did you need to restore?
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    DVD/CD Drive not Reading any disks

    Well, the fact it is recognized says it is getting power and the data cable is attached. The fact it does not work with ANY disk suggests it is not a codec issue. So, if not full of dust, then a new drive is likely the right fix anyway.
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    DVD/CD Drive not Reading any disks

    You say "any" disks. Does that include disks you created/burned with that drive?
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    DVD/CD Drive not Reading any disks

    While I agree they do (and will) go bad (eventually), optical drives also get full of dust over time as the case fans draw in air (and dust) through the optical drive's openings and over time, that dust can interfere with the laser lens. A quick blast of compressed air can often correct the...
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    Deleting IBM Statistics SPSS

    You can't find what? The folder or the file? Did you enable View Hidden Files and System Folders in Folder options? You may need to boot into safe mode to avoid the network resource error.
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    SOLVED Secondary Hardrive Failure

    You need to run the installation for those programs again. That will change all the file location entries in Registry to the new locations.
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    windows works very slowly