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    Core i7 distribution problem

    This is well off topic...BUT i love da user name ....Camel Toe :adore:Quality !!!!!
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    Windows 8 under development

    So what would you like to see in Windows 8 ? ... Id like to see the task/super bar gone, maybe a dock of some kind thats hidden when not needed .
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    Windows 7 Build 7127 ( Windows 7 Forums breakdown)

    7127.0.090507-1820_x86fre_client_en-us_Retail_Ultimate-GRMCULFRER_EN_DVD.iso MD5 4045CB2A8E50B65ED9E1C2B8D6026B2F SHA1 F2D615E674B64053D299CFA5E80B777269F0DFF2 CRC-32 F691687F I'm sure you have all heard about the new build thats been leaked into the interwebz , Well i hope in...
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    BioShock 2 Trailer

    That plasma glove would make a great cigarette lighter lol
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    Forum Layout Change

    Yes please... I love dark backgrounds . Maybe have a poll Ian , save you going to all that trouble if everyone wants white ?
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    Windows 7 Build 7127

    I'm still downloading it , but from what i have been told it has no new UI improvements ( W7 is staying as it is aesthetically) . It just contains bug fixes. Let you know after i install it sometime this morning :)
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    Forum Layout Change

    Sites looking great Ian , but would it be possible to introduce custom themes ? you know change the colour of the site background from a list of alternatives themes.
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    Sound Driver Question

    Ive just realised that when i plug my head phones into my notebook that i get no sound through them. The sound mutes on my notebook but i get nothing through my head phones. It was working cool on Vista but not now. I'm thinking drivers but I'm not sure what ones i need. Any ideas please ...
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    New Taskbar vs Classic

    Be even better when some .msstyles are released after the RTM comes out ...Thats if you like that sort of thing :D.
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    Windows 7 Build 7127

    yup , Been on and off the same site all evening checking the progress, Yay....its out ! :adore: AWESOME JOB ,Wguimb props to all involved ! :adore:
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    Red username?

    :adore:1337 posts and your get the "Elite Award" lol
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    Windows 7 Build 7127

    I've had my eyes glued on certain sites since last night lol
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    Test Updates Released On 12th May.

    Dont you just love rebooting :lol:
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    Add Internet Search Link To The Start Menu (Just like Vista)

    I'm sure you may have seen this before on various websites,but i really like the interent search link in the Vista start menu . You can add this to the W7 start menu as well. Hit the start button and type gpedit.msc into the search box and then press Enter. Now work your way down the tree on...
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    Windows 7 Build 7127

    Beat me to it , i was just going to post this..... Got a question for you Ian, if it is leaked . Is it against site rules to post a link ?