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    Free AntiVirus Software - Discussion

    One thing that I recently got involved with was how a particular anti-virus software affects your unit's boot up. Let's see, I started that about three years ago, but had a necessary break from being able to do and save research notes, but was able to get back to it late last year. And the...
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    Does the Internet Society Own the Internet?

    I did a search here for "ISOC" and came up a blank, but if I erred in some way, please excuse my error. I have been a member of the ISOC for 15 or so years and have been active the past 7 or 8 years with a gap of a year and a half or so while I had my first round of chemotherapy. I suppose...
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    SOLVED Official Windows 7 SP1 ISO Image Downloads

    clifford_cooley, I am sincere when I apologize for posting what appears to be a critical assessment of you personally, because it is good that you are trying to help people by posting answers to questions on this site; but I feel that when it is a matter of such importance in a technical sense...
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    Windows 7 upgrade to Win 10

    Apologies that my memory doesn't work so well sometimes --- there's an age factor with me, also --- anyway, you finally jogged my memory and that was the Insider Program, or something like that. I had my fingers into something of that, but those notes are on another unit and might not be so...
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    Windows 7 upgrade to Win 10

    Ivr181, you'll please forgive me, but I am somewhat confused by your use of the vocabulary "upgrade" and might should ask what exactly took place back a bit when you "reverted to Win 7" -- and I mean, did you have a partitioned drive with the 10 OS remaining on the drive along with the 7 OS?
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    Windows 7 upgrade to Win 10

    Very interesting timing with this request, because ZDNet published an article a little over a month ago on a topic that might be able to help you:
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    A software can make schedule music playback

    What sort of system do you want to use this software on? .
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    SOLVED WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Service in Windows 7 not starting

    I would think the first step here would be to post a link to an excellent piece of writing placed on the Windows Dev Center last year that explains the various aspects of this software: Next would be to check to...
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    Cannot delete "Avast Software" key from registry

    JDD, I profusely apologize if you thought I was referring to yourself as being stupid. I was not! I was referring to myself for being stupid for not properly checking this site first to see if there were other threads that could relate to that most recent Avast thread I was posting in...
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    Managing Font size/color on Folder Pane Windows 7

    Here is an excellent video on various changes you can do with folders in Windows 7: But I do not believe that I have ever seen anybody post information about an ability to change a folder name to a bold font. I believe I have seen something about third-party software, but that was a bit back...
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    Cannot delete "Avast Software" key from registry

    Oh rats! I see you did an earlier thread and that you did try the Uninstall Utility. Well, that makes things interesting. Maybe this thread should be locked and we can continue in the other thread. That will give me time to remove my "I'm-So-Stupid" cap and try and put on a proper thinking...
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    How to delete "AVAST Software" key from Windows 7 Ultimate registry?

    Okay, I went on over to my old-old stomping grounds and it seems they still have the Uninstall Utility, which seems logical. That Raymond blog thingy you gave us a link to is interesting and very likely useful, but I think the...
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    SOLVED Win7 Updates

    I admit that I noticed the low numbers of human folks participating here and I also thought maybe I would stay away because of that, but seeing you post an incorrect piece of information, whether you used the word "likely" or not, had me getting into the "get it right' mood and so here I am...
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    How to delete "AVAST Software" key from Windows 7 Ultimate registry?

    I stopped using Avast a number of years ago due to issues I had with some policy changes they made back a bit, but I seem to recall that they provided their own cleaning kit, so to speak, that scrubbed up all sorts of stuff and then you were able to go into the registry to clean out what they...
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    SOLVED Win7 Updates

    But the question is whether the issue raised in this thread by the OP is, in fact, solved. I mean, this is supposed to be a tech helping type of environment and accuracy is the key to having folks return to the site and I was being overly polite with my post above, because the actual fact is...