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    SOLVED No sound on Asus P5LD2 SE

    LOL. I'm swooning
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    SOLVED Windows Live Mail

    Mine comes and goes also, David. I just ignore it now. Anyway, you have marked this as solved so we will see if anything develops.
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    SOLVED Windows Live Mail

    Exactly my point, Cliff. Surely MS have enough experienced coders, that they could load the image from the Users computer, rather than going down the longer road - User profile - back to the computer, for the picture. It isn't an astronomic problem, surely.
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    SOLVED Windows Live Mail

    Just a follow up. The thread inspire me to chase this problem again. Best offer from a Microsoft rep is that it is a combination of a slow server and a fast HD. I am not too satisfied, but this makes a bit of sense to me. My problem really started after I had installed an SSD. My server is an...
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    SOLVED Windows Live Mail

    It happens, sometimes, to me, whenever I restore an image. I think the path to the picture is losts in the transition, Shouldn't happen, but it does. What I do Left click the picture icon. select "View my Profile" This take me to the MS profile page, which shows my picture (correctly?) I selct...
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    SOLVED Windows 7 Question

    "Dave in Denmark said to “save as” the attachment and to select my default folder, but ‘save as’ opened my Removable Disk E and gave it a name so I clicked on Save As and it went" Sorry, I should have explained that it is not necessary to accept that folder. From that dialogue, you can select...
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    SOLVED Windows 7 Question

    I would suggest you right click the attachement and select "save as" This will select your default folder (make a note of this!) and also the attachment in question, for example "mine.doc" When you have completed this, open the default folder, right click the attachment you have saved. Now...
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    SOLVED I am locked out of my administrative account.

    I assume you are in safe mode, to get to a command prompt In the command prompt, type net user administrator /active and enter. This should enable you to get into the Global Admin account
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    Looking For Suggestions

    Poolians. 3D pool or snooker
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    gradually a dead town?

    Another factor has crept in, over a period of time. Windows 8/8.1 comments in this thread are correct. But, regarding earlier OSs. I have noticed a decline in Windows 7, or XP and even earlier, over the past year. IMHO, I think one reason may be, (pretty much as Trainableman said) is that just...
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    SOLVED How to create pre-installed windows 7 recovery disc?

    I apologise for butting in. I have always been reluctant to make use of "recovery" media from the OEM manufacturer. The problem is, that, should you venture into dual boot situations, the factory restore recovery media will delete yor alternative OS. My action, in your situation, would be to...
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    SOLVED Turn on Windows Security Center Service

    You have been attacked by a virus. I think, if you examine it, you will find your firewall is also off.I would suggest you first of all, run a good virus scan to be rid of it. (malwarebytes ?). Then go to this page - it is a Microsoft page and 100% reliable, and run each of the *.reg in turn...
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    Windows 7 or 8

    Red.dwarf. "I have read in window 8 is that it is strongly geared to a touch screen and as such is not so suitable for a conventional keyboard and mouse....." Totally untrue. Microsoft, rightly or wrongly, depending on your point of view, have given priority to a new touchscreen based desktop...
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    Windows password changed during update

    What make of computer? Restart, and, whilst the computer is booting into windows, switch off the computer. Give it a 5 second pause and restart the computer. You should find it will go into the options windows where you can choose Safe mode.
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    Delete TEMP file?

    Best move it somewhere, for starters. If nothing seems to have gone awry, delete it. Don't follow my practise but, an a monthly schedule, I delete everything on my computer marked temp And FWIW and with the utmost caution!!"! I have, periodically, deleted all those items in that data. Do the...