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    Powershell replace with prompt command

    You need Command Prompt with elevated privileges. Enter cmd.exe in the Search box on the Taskbar. Then right-click on the Command Prompt item under Best match and select Run as administrator.
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    SOLVED Reformatting HDDs with reallocated sector count errors

    Technically, you can. The system will simply not write to known bad sectors. The trouble is, it’ll keep writing to ones which will go bad next. Once data decay sets in due to age or mechanical failure it will only get worse. Considering the cheap price of storage nowadays I can not recommend...
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    Where can I get a copy of Adobe Acrobat?

    You don't need Acrobat to read PDFs, as Acrobat is a PDF authoring tool. You need Adobe Reader. You can download it from Adobe's site:
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    BSOD Registry error / page fault in non paged area

    It's more likely to be a driver issue. Make sure your Windows is current on patches, and also has the latest version of the correct device driver for your graphics card. As for SpyHunter, it is an application which is notorious for finding fake infections and then charging you to "remove" them...
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    SOLVED Very Slow Download Speeds

    Make sure you're completely up to date on Windows Updates. Then, install drivers for your system from here. I'd at the very least install the correct chipset driver and network driver to overwrite the crappy native ones Windows likely installed.
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    Searching file content using Sylfaen font

    I believe it has to do with character encoding and Windows Explorer's failure to detect it. It's likely that it understands that it should interpret Sylfaen-titled files as UTF-8/16, but English-named ones it accesses as ANSI or something. In this case, what Explorer "sees" as it runs through...
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    back up questions

    Likely not. Assuming the drive being checked is the C volume... Open command prompt with admin privileges and run: fsutil dirty query c: IF it reports that the drive is "dirty", do the following: 1. chkntfs /x c: 2. Reboot. 3. Open command prompt with admin privileges. 4. chkdsk /f /r c: 5...
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    Software CD will not AutoRun

    If you don't want to change the Pictures autoplay option, then you need to configure Windows to not treat .ico files as pictures - generally not a problem. You can see this tutorial, particularly the How To Change File Associations by File Extension part, and switch .ico association from...
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    Welcome to W7Forums, Emin.
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    New keyboard gives a BSOD on pressing a key

    Likely a conflict between kbdclass and another driver. A mini dump of a crash or two would be useful. To enable minidumps, open Command Prompt with Admin privileges and enter this command: wmic RECOVEROS set DebugInfoType = 3
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    SOLVED 4GB RAM or 2GB Midrange Graphics card?

    Be aware, should you upgrade your RAM, that your mobo is rated for 1033Mhz RAM in which case it is likely that the memory already in it is 1033 if it came with the machine. While you can theoretically buy RAM with higher clock and have it work, it may not work if paired with the 1033 as...
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    Turned computer on but monitor won't work

    Can you see it POST, or not even that?
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    Help Needed--Abnormally Slow

    It still sounds like an infection to me (mostly due to explorer.exe crashing), or you've loaded up too much crap in the background (don't run multiple AV solutions simultaneously), or your hard drive is on its last legs. Personally, I'd get rid of AVG and install Microsoft Security Essentials...
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    Will WiFi speed be faster if less devices get connected?

    No, unless all those devices are using up a lot of bandwidth simultaneously, for example if you have six iPhones downloading a 600 MB update at the same time, they will all download it slower. But simply having clients connected (and, say, browsing the web) does not measurably slower performance.
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    SOLVED WARNING: Google Chrome's deceptive install

    I just installed Chrome today as I had just reformatted and reinstalled Windows (decided to go with Windows 8 again, God help me...) and I didn't get any extra offers. Are you sure you downloaded the installer from, and not from CNet or something?