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    can you open the dump file and paste the log here?.. May be the newly installed hardware or software (may be drivers) cause this.. Lets see here..
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    IE Problem

    You can't have both IE8 and IE11 installed on Windows 7, so it sounds to me like your IE11 install failed (or hasn't happened). Either that or your Windows is massively corrupted and you should consider a reinstall. Install IE11 again, perhaps by using the full/offline installer offered by...
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    FIPS 140-2 Compliance

    go to this link Hope it helps
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    Unable to open IE 11 in Windows 7 HP/x64

    Hi, Manage add-ons which works for ie11 as well, Use No Add-ons mode/ Click the Start button and type in the search box, Internet explorer Click on the No Add-ons suggestion, It’s located at, Start/ All programs/ Accessories folder/ System tools folder/ No add-ons. Use Safe mode with...
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    Should I run checkdisk before or after reinstalling windows?

    You can run chkdsk with windows. 1) If it is new one in the pc with no other hard drive with windows you unable to run chkdsk. 2) you can run chkdsk with pc already loaded by windows
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    Turned computer on but monitor won't work

    Post the system specs.
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    Newbie Here!

    Hello everyone.. Hope i am a good member in this site
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    How to delete old files etc without full wipe and re-install

    Right click-->c:-->properties-->Under General tab-->Disk cleanup
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    copying for backup

    Please try this: This type issue could be caused by a USB virus. It will spread to all of your USB memory devices and hard disk. Here is a tool to remove the virus and vaccinate your USB against further viruses. Download UsbFix on your desktop. If your antivirus gives an alert, ignore...
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    New keyboard gives a BSOD on pressing a key

    1) Improper driver that installed previously which cannot removed properly or newly installed driver cause this issue! 2) Recently installed hardware or software(keyboard) 3) what about startup repair?
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    Internet really slow on Windows?

    Hello, It is slow when downloading or at all time?
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    Can anyone help me open this PowerPoint file (pptx)

    The easiest way to open a PPTX file is to double-click on it and let your PC decide which default application should open the file. If no program opens the PPTX file then you probably don't have an application installed that can view and/or edit PPTX files. Does this pptx file is email one?
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    Sound Problem (sound died when start playing game)

    Hello Hellswift, whether The problem persist in this game or to all other games also?
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    having trouble connecting to internet due to network adapter

    Hello Digga, GO to your manufacture website and download the network adapter driver for your laptop or motherboard(if it is desktop). As you unable to connect the pc without network adapter driver download it from another pc through flash disk (USB) and install it in your pc.
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    Startup fails

    Hello budrick, What about start up repair..? it is running or not?