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    Windows 7 keeps freezing, need help ASAP!!

    Hi all, first off i'm using Windows 7 x86 Ultimate. 2 days ago, i've got these annoying viruses, called something like ICQ Spy Monitor and also PowerSpy 2006. I don't use ICQ at all but those viruses tell me that they are keyloggers. I've had past experiences with keyloggers and almost had...
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    Windows 7 Circle Dock

    oh i don't have a modified install and never had anything modified done to my system, just that i saw that in the beta and saw that mentioned in quite a lot of sites about one of the new features of Windows 7 before its release, and then i came across it again today and suddenly remembered and...
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    Windows 7 Circle Dock

    Hi guys i'm new to this forum. I'm using Windows 7 build 7600 x86 legit version. I don't see the pie menu or the circle dock, if you don't know what that is, it's like this: Did they take it out?? Coz i can't find any options to enable it....