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    Close key patch

    There's a way to block determined program from reading x key? Example: KeyPath= " program .exe" regeditkey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\xxx\
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    HD serial number, regedit key

    I think it comes from the Volume Serial Number that changes after format a hard drive, or use a program like hard disk serial number changer, because ever when i dot it that number changes in their website
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    HD serial number, regedit key

    Anyone know from what key in regedit windows display that hard disk serial number? I'm playing a game that save my computer id info in their website, and deny me logging more than one character at same time reading it "ec7f2aaeeb5d" Would also ask if someone know from what key that...
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    I got a app crash often, so i start look at task manager and realized that every time it crashes in "reserva nao paginada" "reserve not paginated" (i think its virtual memory), that value keep increasing with time, and when it goes higher than 91-92 (the highest value its stable) happens the...