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    Pricing for release candidate users

    hi all.... thrax is correct... MS is offering a pre-order of the upgrade versions of W7 Home and Professional. Home is $49 (USD) and Professional is $99 (USD). I ordered 3 lol!!! but MS is only offering this for a limited time. here is a link...
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    Windows Update Error C004F012 (Windows could not search for new updates)

    Hi Kramer I think the error code you are getting has to do with activation of windows 7. Are you getting anything saying "not genuine copy" ? Also have you modified or used a patch any files or settings in w7? are you running 32 bit now? if you could, list your computer specs may help us...
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    cool thanks olg207
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    Ati Radeon 3650 in Windows 7

    Hi all, I have a ATI Radeon 4350 HD 512MB video card and it works great with W7. Even the BETA driver worked pretty good... i did install the newest ATI driver and have had no issues....
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    New Digital Camera :-)

    I totally agree.... I kinda skipped over Vista and went to straight to W7 :-)
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    Upgrade or Fresh Install

    I personally don't like doing upgrades... all i can suggest is try it and see what happens! Back up your data and go with it
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    great idea Olg207.... I agree with Ian... please post a link :-)
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    XP or Vista Drivers??

    I have found that the depending on the hardware.... XP drivers work better then Vista drivers. I use a XP driver for my network card and my older digital camera and have had no issues :-)
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    New Digital Camera :-)

    Hi all, I just brought a GE A835 8.0 MP Digital Camera from Tiger Direct and wanted to to drop a note: Windows 7 RC recognized it immediately and loaded the driver.... works great!! I also have an older Panasonic Digital Cam that works well also.... I had to manually install that driver but...
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    Problems with network card after reboot

    I agree with Kougar.... sometimes Windows Update isnt good for ya! I had the same problem as Kougar with a LAN driver from WU... I got tired of having to manually install it all the time and the Realtek driver was just as dodgy with 7. I installed a old D-link network pci card (had to be at...
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    Can't boot into Windows after power failure...

    pictures speak a thousand words :-) thanks Olg207... good work
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    Can't boot into Windows after power failure...

    Hi all... Sorry about not being a bit more specific on the repair install Put your windows 7 Rc dvd in your dvd drive. Do the repair install from within windows. Dont boot from the dvd. when the install page loads... click install.... when you get to the page where it asks for what kind of...
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    How much would you pay for a boxed retail copy of Windows 7 Professional?

    cool.... thanks Ian for the heads up!
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    Wierd power issue with Dell D600 Laptop

    :-) the laptop is still working fine.... the only thing i changed was instead of using hibernation mode, i have been completely shutting down the laptop. It has been booting just fine with the battery. I am now wondering if using hibernation mode with just a standard VGA adapter (cant find...
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    Can't boot into Windows after power failure...

    hi Doug, Yep, use the Windows 7 RC dvd installation disk that you created. The repair installation works just like a inplace upgrade. If you think that your orginal dvd is dodgy, you can always download the RC again from Microsoft. Remember to burn the .iso image at the lowest speed your dvd...