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    Unable to Cut & Paste in Readerware programme!

    Good morning! For several years I have been using Readerware software to catalogue my books, videos and music CDs without the slightest hitch or problem. Today, out of the blue, I find myself unable add information in the appropriate fields of the programmes by a simple cut & paste. I have done...
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    2nd SATA HD / SATA Controller Card

    HP workstation xw6200 Motherboard: hp 08B8h 2nd SATA hard drive connection / SATA Controller Card Having made the choice to install a SATA Controller Card I wish to know which card to choose. I have 4 available PCI Slots (#26) and 1 PCI Express x8 prime (#25) available. Both PCI and PCI...
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    SOLVED XFX ATI HD5450 1GB GDDR3 Driver upgrade

    Thank you for your sound advice which I will follow to the letter. :)
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    SOLVED XFX ATI HD5450 1GB GDDR3 Driver upgrade

    Good morning! Please give me your opinion about this problem: My graphics card is a XFX ATI HD5450 1GB GDDR3,(AMD Catalyst 12.8 driver). Saturday, upon start up, it presented me with a driver upgrade (to AMD Catalyst 13.1) window. I accepted the upgrade install having done this many times...
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    The new 'kid' on the block

    Thank you for the warm welcome. :ciao: I hope to be a useful contributor to the forum. I am a user, not a technician although I have knowledge of Windows. I've been from the 3s series to XP through 95, 98. Vista had such a bad reputation that I didn't bother to upgrade. Last Friday my machine...