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    How many hours a day are you at the PC?

    Too long! 8 hour work day, then 1 - 2 hours at night reading / gaming.
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    New PC, NO keyboard/mouse support!

    Have a look in BIOS for a setting something like "USB keyboard support" and "USB mouse support" make sure they are both marked as "yes". That might solve the issue.
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    How to move User profile directory c:\User\Profile

    I have moved my users folders to a separate partition. If you still have issues let me know and when I get home I will let you know what I had to do.
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    SOLVED software Raid 5 or 6 ?

    I think I disagree..... From computer management - storage, I am sure I have an option to create a new RAID5 disk... might be mistaken though?
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    Can't boot Windows 7 from DVD/CD

    Just had the same issue with a friends work laptop.... the tech support people had set the boot order as DVD then hard drive, but disable DVD boot in another menu! Check that your DVD is actually bootable in BIOS.
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    rough 7 install

    Have you tried cleaning the Win7 media? I have just had the same kind of issue (patchy reading) when I was trying to install Modern Warfare 2. A quick clean of the DVD with my glasses cloth and no more issues. I guess there was some form of residue from the manufacturing process.
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    Disk performance rating

    I have just tested the next configuration: 3rd setup, 2x 7200rpm, 16MB cache RAID1 (mirror). Rating = 5.3 So there is some overhead with the mirroring as i expected because of the small performance reduction when writing. Can anyone post their SSD ratings? Thanks
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    Disk performance rating

    I am trying to work out the best disk setup for my Win7 x64 setup. I want redundancy and performance. RAID0+1 would be the obvious choice, but speed from the stripe is canceled out by the redundancy of the mirror. So I set up a RAID5 array to try to get both redundancy and performance...
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    How much memory......?

    How much memory are you using with a W7-x64 install? MS say 2GB so in reality I assume that is 4GB. I am currently running 4GB of DDR2-PC8500 (4X1GB) and am wondering if I should trash that and go 8GB (4x2GB) or if 6GB will give me a nice boost with only trashing 2 of my current 1GB...
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    Clean Install Windows 7 with Upgrade Media

    I can confirm that option 2 has worked twice for me in the past week. Successful clean install from upgrade media - CHECK :)
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    should i upgrade or do clean install

    Assuming the poster has a valid XP license and had just bought W7 then there is no conflict. Each OS will hold a valid licence, the key is not shared.