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    7 is good but:

    Running Windows XP in Windows 7 To run XP virtual machine, I think you have to have Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate. I don't think Windows 7 Home Premium will do it.
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    Download Microsoft Security Essentials

    Are there any advantages of Security Essentials over McAfee? I get McAfee free as part of Comcast internet. I used the Microsoft live product before it was ditched by Microsoft.
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    Windows 7 Pre-orders start to arrive

    I just pre-ordered my Windows 7 Home Premium Family Pack from AMAZON and hope to get it by November 9th! I will update my 90 Day Trial Windows 7 Enterprise Edition which I have been very happy with for the past week! I hope to upgrade one of these Windows 7 Home Premiums to Windows 7...
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    Change location of My Documents Folder - Discussion

    Ian I have Build 7100, I tried to change location of mydocuments to the E: drive using your excellent directions, but when I am identifying the new location and I click on the E: drive, I immediately get a windows failure: WINDOWS EXPLORER HAS STOPPED WORKING.