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    windows 7 and quicken

    Go to the printer site and look for downloaded updates.
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    iPhone 4.0 OS Update

    Just ordered new IPhone 4.0 online If you go directly to, you can order it now if you already an AT&T customer. My phone will be delivered by July 15th. Beats standing in line for hours. LOL:D
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    iPhone 4.0 OS Update

    Fuggedaboudit if you have 3G I did the software update for my 3G yesterday and it slowed my phone down to a crawl and reduced battery life. Now I will have to wait to get the new 4.0 on June 29th. :(
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    Windows 7 and iTunes

    If I get rid of ITunes, how do I sync my IPhone With my IPhone it needs to always be updated, synched and backed up so if I get rid of ITunes, then how can I accomplish all this?
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    Best anti-virus for Windows 7

    I never see Ca Internet Security Suite mentioned here. How come? I've been using them with no problem.
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    Best anti virus for 64-Bit Windows 7 OS

    I use CA Internet Security Suite coupled with MalwareBytes paid version and happy as can be.
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    64bit software.

    My AOLPRESS doesn't work and my Monopoly software also will not work
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    64bit software.
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    Firefox Nears 30% of Worldwide Market Share

    Somehow those figures don't impress me. I use FF only for some sites and mostly use IE 8 because FF is still SLOWWWWWWWWWWW
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    DO NOT run any registry cleaner!!!!!

    I've used CCleaner for several years and have had NO problems with my registry. I love the program. :D
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    Firefox 3.6 is unbelievably slow

    I would use Google Chrome but my Roboform is not yet able to work with it
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    Windows 7 freezes

    I agree. My desktop doesn't freeze too much, but my Toshiba laptop freezes all the time. I checked and disabled many add ons but still N.G.
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    I.E. not working----

    Re: Don't misunderstand me, I get thatcrappy message all the time saying IE stopped working, but overall it works better on my 2 systems than Firefox. Regards
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    I.E. not working----

    IMHO, it has something to do wih adobe add-ons
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    I.E. not working----

    I agree I also use mostly IE because Firefox ALWAYS stalls on most websites I visit. If you can't say something nice, zip it up!