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    Windows 8 could be 128-bit

    How much ram would 128-bit support? :lol: Is there any point in 128 bit software yet?
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    Is Windows 7 RC patched as much as the RTM

    This may be a silly question, but is the Windows 7 RC patched via Windows Update as much as the RTM? I mean, is it going to be as secure to continue using this for a little while? I have the RC on one computer and it works fine for now and have no reason to change this, unless they will stop...
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    Hello From JennHp

    Hi Jenn, welcome from me too! I'm also new here, but it's a friendly place so just ask any questions you want in the relevant forum :)
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    How to move User profile directory c:\User\Profile

    Why are you trying to do this Martin, perhaps there is something else that will accomplish this. Is it just because you are running out of space?
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    Windows 7 does not save network login credentials (username and password)

    Still not able to figure this out and about to give up, no-one else know? Sorry to bump this thread, but I'd really like to try and fix it. If I find out how to do this, I will report back and let you all know.
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    New laptop deals when Windows 7 is released

    I am on the hunt for a laptop and I would like to get one with Windows 7 pre-installed to save the trouble of using a free upgrade voucher. Do you think the laptop hardware available after W7 is released will be any different to what is available at the moment? For example, will they bring out...
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    Windows 7 does not save network login credentials (username and password)

    No I couldn't figure it out. :( The credentials manager just says enterprise on mine too. Is there a way I can permenantly save them so I never need to log in to my network drives again?
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    Moderation Queue

    I have just made a post about a free Windows 7 trial download, but when I clicked submit thread it said it went in to the moderation queue. Will my post appear soon? It wasn't spam, but a link to a Microsoft official download page.
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    Favourite Drink

    Bowmore single malt whisky. Perfection. Or just a nice cup of "Red Bush" tea.
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    Download free Windows 7 trial

    I hope this helps people that want to try out the full RTM version of Windows 7, as this is a fully legal way of using it for 90 days! You can download the 32-bit and 64-bit Enterprise editions and use it as a test: How cool is that :D
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    Animated boot screens for Windows 7?

    Is there a way to add your own animated boot screen to Windows 7 startup? I know it was possible to change the picture on older versions, but this was only a static image.
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    Windows 7 does not save network login credentials (username and password)

    This problem has been driving me up the wall, so I hope you fine folks can help me out with it :). I have a network storage device with several network folders and each of them are passworded for added security (in case someone manages to connect to my wifi). When I try and access them in any...