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    Policeman walks up to speeder instead of drivers license "never mind I've got BING"

    Policeman walks up to speeder instead of asking for drivers license tells the driver never mind I'll look it up on BING. This is a not factual but true. I"ve looked up information where companies give out very detailed personal information. Is there any recourse as to what there doing with...
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    Is there room for windows 8 on a windows 7OS?

    So in your opinion windows 8 could be set up to work within the windows 7 operating system via the virtual machine now xp feb 29th windows 8 beta? Or is there code written in such a way that you wouldn't be able to use an iso to install in the virtual machine.?
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    Is there room for windows 8 on a windows 7OS?

    I have windows 7 ultimate with xp in virtual. Will it be possible to put windows 8 beta in the virtual machine instead of xp? Also: In the older xp machines the aero glass wouldn't work according to microsoft but would run on the machine. How would windows 8 work on that older xp machine as a...
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    Will upcoming windows 8 beta work in virtual windows 7

    Whats an easy way to using windows 8 beta (when it arrives) to get most features and still not mess your computer up. I have windows ultimate with virtual xp on it. I've read where downloading a virtual 4 something from oracle is a good way to put on your computer
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    SOLVED Microsoft just called me!

    I'd set up a voice machine to say you only charge by the hour?
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    SOLVED Logitech Mouse Jerky

    there is a uber logitech software thats improved the verison of the logitech software. Not sure of the link though. Gives you more options for your device. Kind of an upgrade only from a third party. Very popular.
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    Disk Cleanup question? advanced

    system error memory dump files are often huge for example 360mb and I use this tool all the time. Somtimes when I clear the files the 360 will still show up. Why is that? For example right now my machine shows 357mb to be cleared and of that 167mb is for system error memory dump files. Just...
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    machine turning on and off by itself????

    I have this machine that will in the middle of the night turn on and try to boot up and then shut down and boot up and it goes on and off like that until I unplug the ac cord. I installed a new power supply but the connections were really poor as cords were real short. (Did the old paperclip...
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    Memory module usage seems high

    I have a core 2 duo laptop with windows 7 ultimate. I had 6gb of ram 4 in one slot 2 in another. I increased today to 8gb yet my readings show the same memory usage. For example the machine consistently uses 23% of total memory. Any ideas why the machine used more memory when I increased the...
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    SOLVED How do you increase the xp memory in windows 7

    Forgot how to increase memory in windows 7 for the virtual xp professional. I think its on hibernate and 512mb and thats too low. thx.
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    Microsoft Office 2010 in win7- lost office in menu?

    Not butting in Nibs, but look for WinWord.exe in your Microsoft Office/Office 14 folder. Right click and Send to... Desktop I tried that but that file is an exe file which assumes you don't already have word installed which I do. So had to cancel installation on that one. My word runs o.k. its...
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    Microsoft Office 2010 in win7- lost office in menu?

    I got the first part of your answer. The excel and one note icons are on the desktop. Could you reword your second part. I get to the microsoft office x64 programs folder but am not sure which to copy and paste for microsoft word 2010 only. Is there a particular file I can copy and paste to the...
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    Microsoft Office 2010 in win7- lost office in menu?

    Have office 2010 professional in windows 7 ultimate and tried dragging the word icon from start-programs -microsoftoffice- microsoft word, to desktop. I got a dll icon that works great but would like to have the word logo on desktop and also microsoft word is not in the all...
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    Anybody with AOL getting that rivet gun pounding for 1 minute

    I like AOL its just that pounding sound that comes up every once in a while. It happens with either version. Probably because its from AOL that I put up with it.
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    Anybody with AOL getting that rivet gun pounding for 1 minute

    When I'm on AOL I"ll getting a pounding sound that will shut off when I log off AOL or if I leave it will stop after about one minute. Any ideas what it could be. Does this on win7 ultimate and win7 home premium?