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    Cursor jumps while typing on desktop PC

    When I am typing an email in outlook 2010 or in a web page search bar the cursor randomly jumps to a different place or starts typing backwards. This doesn't happen in Word or MYOB so it doesn't seem like the mouse or keyboard. The only fixes I can find relate to a laptop and the track pad...
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    Safe Mode - Discussion

    Thanks for that. F5 works but I also found when F8 bings up the drive menu, hit enter to boot from C drive then hitting F8 again brings up the safe mode menu.
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    Safe Mode - Discussion

    Nice but there are many posts in various forums where the F8 key doesn't bring up the boot menu in Windows 7. This is what I did to get F8 to work. Go to Start>Find>Advanced System Settings. Under “Startup and Recovery” click on “Settings”. Check the 2 boxes for "Time to display Operating...