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    installing mac osx Merivicks on windows 7 virtually

    hi, how can i install Mac Os X Merivicks on my Windows 7 PC and use it Virtually. i have downloaded the latest version of Merivicks and it is in .DMG format . also let me know how to convert it to ISO.
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    Sugessions for the Configuration of High Performance PC

    mostly i would be working on 3D modeling and video editing, and games are just occasionally played. so Workstations will be great
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    website font

    Try to identity the content language.
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    Hiberfile.sys and Pagefile.sys Cleanup HOW?

    OK! Thanks for this info.
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    installing windows 7 32 bit on Asus EEEpc 1015cx blue screen

    , while installing Windows 7 32bit on Asus EEEPC 1015cx i get blue screen, what should i do.
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    SOLVED Beautiful windows Wallpapers Collections

    nice vista collection of walls
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    Mass Effect on Windows 7

    Mass Effect works without any problem on win7
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    Install IE6 on Windows7

    i don't think iE6 is available for WIN7, but its better to go what TrainableMan has said.
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    SOLVED Need Inexpensive Monitor

    AOC 18.5" will be good fit in that budget :)
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    Best Free Anti-virus

    i have found this article useful for having free antivirus software for free antivirus software, but i would recommend you not to use free ones go and buy professional version if you are always stuck to the internet.
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    Sugessions for the Configuration of High Performance PC

    hi, i want to buy a pc especially for playing Games and some of 3D modeling works as well as some of video editing projects. i have got a quote for: i7 Processor Intel mother board 4GB ram 2GB ati readon graphics card 2 TB sata HDD LG DVD R/w is this better enough or i need some thing higher...
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    SOLVED List of Wallpapers Sites!

    WOW that's a great source for wallpapers. my favorite is for hd wallpapers great collection.
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    Hiberfile.sys and Pagefile.sys Cleanup HOW?

    hi, my Windows 7 x32bit is working bit slow and i don't have much space on my C drive, i have notice that the PAGEFILE.SYS AND HIBERFILE.SYS are consuming a lot of space that is Pagefile.sys is consuming about 6,705,358KB and hiberfile.sys about 5,114,044kb is their any tool for cleaning...