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    Full desktop customization!

    What on earth would i need this for when the windows taskbar does the same thing?
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    SOLVED Kaspersky "NO Customer Service!

    These are isolated cases. Not sure how many kaspersky users there are globally but until they all complain of "no customer service".then there might be creedence in the original posters rant. If you look at every AV vendors site there are small minorities complaining of "no customer service"...
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    SOLVED tcp/ip protocol driver problem.

    i have a back up so i took the plunge and uninstalled it.Upon reboot the driver reinstalled and with no exclamation mark.Many thanks for your help. Although i was advised not to uninstall it has worked.:ciao::beer:
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    SOLVED tcp/ip protocol driver problem.

    no its only the tcp/ip driver that is flagged. Ive tried the microsoft fix it and that didnt work. i dont suppose i can uninstall it?
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    SOLVED tcp/ip protocol driver problem.

    hi trainable man. Yes ive tried those and still no luck.I reinstalled windows yesterday so i dont understand what the problem here is.? Thanks.:o
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    SOLVED tcp/ip protocol driver problem.

    hi.any ideas how i can solve this please.? Ive performed all the usual resets in cmd and no joy. Can this be uninstalled as it is annoying me. Regards.:o:D
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    Kaspersky internet security 2012 cause multiple BSOD on windows 7

    ive never had a problem with kaspersky.its running sweetly on my computer as i type.its all down to variations in computer configuration. Kaspersky would have to test their product on every computer in the world to resolve all issues and that is practically impossible. Chill out and enjoy your...
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    SOLVED Kaspersky "NO Customer Service!

    ive installed KIS 2012 and had no problems what so hasnt effected the computer at all,slowdowns etc. overall ive been impressed although ive not had to use technical support yet and hopefully never will. :)
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    JV16 powertools.

    Thanks for this info i will give it a miss.I only use ccleaner and that is the only program i trust. Regards.:)
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    comodo or online armor.

    Im now using comodo internet security purely because it is a very light program.I dont like heavy resource hogging programs.I have used online armor and i wouldnt discredit the program by any means.Just wondered what opinions there were on both programs.:)
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    Cant get Comodo Firewall working in Windows 7

    Most peculiar message.? Ive never once seen that message in comodo firewall. Might have been a bug. I would suggest a complete reinstallation.;)
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    Your Favourite Firewall

    Im using comodo firewall ,I use the full suite and it is very light on my computer.I often see on multiple forums the question being asked,What is the best firewall.Well how do you determine how effective a firewall is.? I understand there are a few "testing" sites out there ,but can these be...
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    comodo or online armor.

    hmm i wouldnt say online armor sucks at all.i wanted a fair appraisal of both products and yet you try to make me install what on the surface looks like a hacked version of comodo. You mention that comodo is the best well how come the avast 7 web shield is forcing a hole through the firewall...
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    IE start up entries.

    hi there i dont use internet explorer at all and i was just wondering if im safe to remove the start up entries for this browser.ive enclosed a picture of exactly what i mean.Regards.
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    no sound

    I would be very careful if updating the realtek sound drivers as ive had problems where there was no sound at all...just my two cents worth.:D