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    Friend is getting BSOD often, dumps included

    first can you get in the computer and log in if so gather and files you might want to keep put the all in one folder on the desktop right click and under send to click compress then put your info on a flash drive also take a look at what Ethernet driver you have download it but save it to a...
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    computer wont stay on

    i just cant give up i don't have the money to replace the motherboard or anything for that matter so i have to fix it myself if you can help me it will be greatly appreciated
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    computer wont stay on

    hi i am looking for some help i was playing a game and my computer turns off like the battery died but that is not the case i tried several times to turn it back on i tried unplugging it and a cold boot Ive even tried removing the CMOS battery and holding the power button i have read on another...