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    Hello Necrascope! Welcome :)
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    Your Favourite Malware Application

    I tried to download Microsoft Security Essentials, but I get a message saying "Not available in your country or region" when I try do download it. I hope they roll it out to the UK soon. Have you got any screen shots of it so I can see what it looks like please? It sounds like you're impressed...
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    Windows 7 'family pack' pricing revealed

    Is the family pack only available from Oct 22nd? I can't see it to buy anywhere, but I'd like to get this on pre-order if possible. I need exactly 3 licenses for the computers in my house, so this is just what I need. Anyone know?
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    Screen Capture

    There's always the Windows Snipping tool if you just want to take a quick screenie, that's what I use. But, this app does look much more powerful!
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    REALTEK HD Audio driver problem

    Did you install the latest version direct from the Realtek website? If you let us know the details that clifford_cooley requested and we should be able to find out why the problem occurs.
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    McAfee doesnt like Windows 7 64bit

    Avira is a good one to go for, very light compared to some of the others. McAfee is as bad as a virus! ;)
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    Windows 8 Progress

    I read an article about Windows 8 at PC World (link is here) and it talks about some predictions that we might see. Has any development started on this yet and will there be a release date in mind already? There is lots of talk about Mesh and Cloud technology, so it looks like Win8 could be...
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    Internet Explorer 64 bit

    Is there any advantage to running the 64 bit version of Internet Explorer? Things like Adobe Flash don't work for me and it doesn't seem to be any faster than the normal 32 bit version of IE. Does anyone bother using it? FWIW, there's also a 64 bit FireFox available here.
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    64 bit version of Microsoft Office

    I noticed when installing Office 2007 this morning that there was a folder named something like "64", along with a handful of others for each constituent product. I always thought that Office was only a 32 bit application and it was a long time before a 64 bit version would become available...
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    Spider payment e-mail

    This joker has been at it again with some e-mails to his landlord. It's not as funny as the spider e-mails but it is worth reading...
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    Windows7 RC.. 64 Bit

    I am using this now and I don't have any problems at all. Are you using the 32 bit version currently? You may as well give it a try as it's better to find out that the 64 bit version works well on your machine before purchasing the full version of Windows 7.
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    Folder Size, Where is it?..

    Do you want to see the folder size within Explorer view, rather than viewing the properties? If so, there are add-ons available that let you do this:
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    Still use XP?

    That's interesting you mention negative scanners, as I've got a 10 year old negative scanner that I've never been able to get working under Vista. I gave up on it in the end as I use a digital camera now, but if it is possible to get working again I can finish getting all my old films...
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    More freezing!

    I just assumed you would be able to boot from it to do an upgrade install, but I've normally run it from within the OS (which you can't do). Give it a go and see if you are provided with that option, as I don't know for certain if it can be done that way. Good luck!
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    More freezing!

    There's instructions on how to edit the ini file from the RC here: You will need to do this on another PC and try booting from a re-burned version with the updated ini file. You should then be...