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    SOLVED Differences in SATA Cable fittings?

    I wouldn't say loose connections, but on the Gigabyte boards I use, you stick the L-shaped connector into the drive and the other end into the motherboard - it "clicks" into place and is semi-firm.
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    Gaming Computer - Help me choose

    That GPU will melt under new games; you need an ATI 5870 minimum. I would recommend these specs: CPU: AMD Black Edition "Thuban" 1055T six core @ 3.2GHz RAM: 8GB DDR3 1333MHz MOBO: Gigabyte 890FX chipset HDD: Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 GPU: 5870 (Gigabyte or Sapphire brand) CASE: Your...
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    Fed up! Need Help!

    You would be correct, but ACPI is supported by all modern OS's and BIOS's, you probably won't find an option to disable it as 7 needs it for Plug N Play, flashing the BIOS may reconfigure the power options, that's why its a good idea.
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    SOLVED New Hard Drive to replace the one that got FRIED!

    Samsung drives are a poor choice; they are loud and run relatively hot. I would only consider Seagate for my hard drive purchases now - cheap and quiet. Hopefully that drive isn't used. As for performance, all hard drives are roughly the same if they are built within the same period, that's why...
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    Do you honestly think Windows 7 is poorly written?

    I'd second that - why install 7 on hardware that was in use when the Berlin Wall fell down?
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    Fed up! Need Help!

    Flash the BIOS, and get the latest GPU drivers. Check event viewer for any errors and post them and see if Action Centre has any suggestions once you send your reliability reports.
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    Blu-Ray can't be enjoyed on a PC, especially in terms of lossless audio. The best option is to build a separate media centre, connect via HDMI to a receiver that decodes DTS Master Audio, and then connect the receiver to a 60" plasma or projector.
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    New Custom Order

    Maybe you could come and _____Snip______, you useless ****.
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    New Custom Order

    Pray for my AK, and this is constructive advice - factory PSU's are rubbish from any perspective - noise, quality, efficiency etc.
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    New Custom Order

    Skimp on CPU power? Who cares about benchmarks - they expect Intel hardware anyway. A Thuban six-core 3.2GHz black edition is just as good as Intel's tech.
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    New Custom Order

    Yes. Have you tried running Crysis for 6 hrs @ 1080p? Any upgrades you add may overload that PSU, and its a mystery what the rails are rated at, or the ripple figures or the efficiency curve or well anything. And the motherboard - ?
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    Win 7 questions

    Coolermaster isn't that good, and Intel a bit faster? A thuban will shatter your video encoding.
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    IE9 Compatibility Results

    Sloppy, Opera is outdated. Internet Explorer has never been a browser you could point to for general usefullness, but will this change? Probably not.
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    Icons changing position on reboot

    Right click the desktop, see if align icons to grid is checked. Then, scan with SuperAntiSpyware to eliminate the possibility of malware. What antivirus are you using? When did this problem start? Any possible software conflicts?
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    How to videos on youtube

    I'm setting up some new videos on youtube relating to Windows 7 maintenance, the first 2 are about finding, installing, and uninstalling drivers. These are "silent" so to speak, as I have to buy a new microphone asap. They were originally recorded @ 1920x1080p/24FPS so if you have a 1080p...