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    SOLVED visual basic 3.0 compatible with 64-bit version?

    I'm curious why you're going with VB3? VB6 is already highly outdated, and you can get the VB 2008/2010 express edition for free at It depends on whether the program was given x64 architecture support as well, not necessarily to do with what compiled it. Edit: Or is this a...
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    bsod auto restart

    1. You should read here on how to get support for BSOD's: 2. You should never assume to change the registry for a problem solved by guess as a registry change can completely mess up your computer and do even more bad...
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    Blue screen of deadth halmacpi.dll and nkrnlpa.exe on windows 7 32 bit

    I would run a quick Memtest and reportback with some results by Driver Verifier... Download and run Memtest86 on boot: Download the latest Memtest86 and burn to disk from here: (If you need software to do so I would highly recommend a...
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    Paranoid about this BSOD. Help!

    For BSOD assistance please read this thread here:
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    BSOD 3-4 minutes after every boot

    Please read this thread for BSOD assistance:
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    BSOD while running BitTorrent

    It's one of those deals where you don't install it at all lol :lol: On some Windows 7 system's it's known to cause problems, just like Alcohol 120 and a few others, like ZoneAlarm from the one I mentioned. Nice catch Elmer! :beer:
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    BSOD while running BitTorrent

    BSOD BUGCHECK SUMMARY Loading Dump File [C:\Users\Infinity\_jcgriff2_\dbug\__Kernel__\022012-19702-01.dmp] Built by: 7601.17640.amd64fre.win7sp1_gdr.110622-1506 Debug session time: Mon Feb 20 15:55:03.182 2012 (GMT-7) System Uptime: 0 days 0:34:08.508 BugCheck D1, {28, 2, 0, fffff88001552b2d}...
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    DriveList Helper - BSOD Drive Query Crash Dump Debugging Tool

    I created a quick tool earlier today to analyze drive list outputs from the lmtn command in WinDbg for certain drivers timestamped before or equal to and before a specified year, for my simple summary. Drivers returned can be outputted into a simple or the full formatted line. Previews: Note...
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    BSODs from multiple issues

    Try running chkdsk through the command prompt: chkdsk /r Also, if you could download CPU-Z and provide me screenshots of the "Memory" tab, and also screenshots with the "SPD" tab selected, and choosing from the combobox each of the Slot #'s. Download here...
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    BSODs from multiple issues

    It doesn't mean anything, if you look in the center you'll see that all the tests have passed, so your memory is fine supposedly. It's been a while since i've visited this thread, but I would suggest wiping out your graphics driver with Driver Sweeper, and reinstall. Reinstalling Drivers: 1...
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    W7 Diag Tool v2.01 - Developed by AceInfinity

    Hmm, i'll have to take a look at that, I haven't gotten any bugs with this in the last 2 hours i've been debugging this program, along with others that also have my program... Techno? This is definitely not Techno, I know ton's of various music, but I don't listen to Techno. You're mistaken...
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    W7 Diag Tool v2.01 - Developed by AceInfinity

    I appreciate your interest in it :) I'm hoping to make this good enough to help in BSOD analysis. Like Capt. Jack Sparrow's SF Diag Tool. I personally think this version has lots more options and returns much more data though. I also multi-threaded it so it's much faster as well. New...
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    Iframes on IE and Firefox

    I would agree. You see lots of HTML and CSS keywords that are compatible with various selections of browsers out there, so matching or finding a way to keep things consistant can be annoying.
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    W7 Diag Tool v2.01 - Developed by AceInfinity

    I created this tool a long while back, and recently got to improving it, so here's a demo of my most recent version: W7 Diag Tool v2.01 - Developed by AceInfinity - YouTube Any feedback if anyone has any further suggestions or just general comments on my program :) Everything multi-threaded...
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    Icon settings

    No, you guys are being a bit closed minded, it IS possible, i'm absolutely 100% sure of that. I just can't figure out what you'd do to change it, but if it was doable on XP, i'm almost certain that it's possible in some way for Windows 7. That's just my opinion. It may require a 3rd party...