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    hardware power up order/on

    Fairly sure it's relatively standard across all boards as to the sequence here is a link that lists them: out of curiosity, why do you want to change the POST sequence?
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    Cloning to new HDD

    Second that, an absolute pleasure to work with Acronis
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    Managing Backup: Three Software Solutions Compared

    Thanks Nibiru and Veedaz, I am currently working through a HDD of my wife’s that was not backed up correctly prior to a format and W7 install with Get Data: Recover My Files... for some reason still unknown to me Norton did not back up all the selected files... bye bye Norton and shame on me for...
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    Internet connection problems

    I assume your MB is an Asus as it is the only manufactures website that comes up with the Atheros L2 search? If so gives you a list of all current drivers for an Asus MB. Remember...
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    Problem with installing windows 7

    Hi Owendar and welcome, Creating a bootable flash copy of any OS is a tricky job. I assume you don't have a DVD burner? Are you on a netbook? Here is a useful guide that may help you perfect the process just incase you inadvertently missed a part of the process like admin rights at the...
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    Windows 7 64 bit OS

    Sorry missed some of the question. To run XP mode in W7 you need to boot into it via Windows Virtual PC. I assume that you need to download WVPC from the Microsoft website??? I'm a Home Premium user not a Pro :(
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    Windows 7 64 bit OS

    Very good question Kothapalli and welcome to the forum. From what I understand the XP mode for W7 Pro is XP service pack 3 (32 bit) regardless of if you are running W7 64 bit or 32 bit as your OS. As you are running it in VM (Virtual Machine) the bit rate does not matter or so I have read.
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    Windows 7 intermittent freezing

    You could stop the following to see if it made a difference. I personally would as I don't like waiting for my system to start and these "start ups" would slow you a little, depending on your system specs. Windows Live Messenger Daemon Tools Pro Quicktime Itunes Java Limewire All of the...
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    Windows 7 intermittent freezing

    Why do you need to perform a system restore? Also what are your system specs?
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    Moving from a very old PC

    Thats a great idea, i use a docking station but it is no good for ide.
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    Windows 7 intermittent freezing

    I would check that you have the latest drivers for your picture cards before anything else as Ian suggested. (The default drivers in W7 aren’t the best for gaming anyway) The other thing it could be is Norton 360 performing back ground scans however I wouldn't think that an i5 would stumble...
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    Moving from a very old PC

    Or you could take the HDD out of the old system and install it in the New one to copy the files over then take it out again...
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    Moving from a very old PC

    Does your old PC have a DVD burner? the files are only 9.6GB or 3 DVD's. always good to keep a hard copy somewhere safe...
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    Whats Your Weather Like ?

    yeah and for the second week in a row, went golfing last week and got burnt really bad, this week isn't as bad but it more than likely will peel. :(
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    A Very Clean PC

    care to share you design??? :D