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  1. don woodall
    don woodall
    I am connected through wifi, how do I make computer use direct connection
  2. scubatony
    Sat at my desk thinking
  3. Scarlet
    Hi guys! :3
  4. amka
    my code
  5. john steadman
    john steadman Koushik
    Yes that's correct system won't run ok on win7 ultimate.running out of memory...
  6. john steadman
    john steadman Koushik
    yes thats correct not enough memory available.
    no upgrade on that laptop as 2gigs is maximum;
    As its old xp unit i would recommend that you download a copy of ubuntu this OS runs ok on xp machines that have a dual core cpu and 2gig mem., as does your laptop
    If all you require is browsing the net.
    regards john
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  7. nijjhar
    Holy spirit, common sense, shatters the fetters of the Letters, Holy Books
  8. Peter Voice
    Peter Voice TrainableMan
    Brought new AC adapter 18-5 vaults for windows Elite book 7 seems the troubles with orange light flashing fixed. Problem was old AC power not function properly. Please with result.
  9. Peter Voice
    Peter Voice TrainableMan
    Thank your sir. Where do l find or click on ram requirement on windows 7, is it in control panel.
    1. Peter Voice
      Peter Voice
      Brought new AC adapter charger windows 7 and orange flash blinking seems to stop. Working fine now, so the fault was old charger. And 18-5 vault work very for right windows 7 elitebook laptop
      Apr 26, 2017
    2. Peter Voice
      Peter Voice
      Like to comment on excellent Euro truck simulator 2, manage to get copy without download steam trying to get france expansion add on but steam only at moment. Anybody got a copy.
      Apr 26, 2017
  10. Prosenjit Roy
    Prosenjit Roy
    ""Life is A problem, Try to solve it""
  11. dommiesang
    help me,help you
  12. Kinga
    Kinga TrainableMan
    i had windows 7 on my hp and it crashed and i used my installer dics but it didnt work saying that there is no device in ur drive
  13. Kinga
    Kinga TrainableMan
    i didnt know how to creat a partition i used a drive and i tried and it says drive does not hav something how can i creat a partition
  14. john steadman
    john steadman Anthony Stevens
    Anthony there is probably a glitch in the recovery on the lappie. i hope the link will sort it out for you
    i'm not a avid updater from windows because a lot of the updates are not for your particular machine
    i download the security updates then disable the windows update in services.msc
    regards john steadman
    i'm in mount Gambier S.A.
  15. kojo
  16. D.B. Cooper
    D.B. Cooper
    I was the chief suspect of D. B. Cooper and am featured on the History Channels Part 1, D.B,Cooper, Closed Case? and the clip of
  17. ZeroCool
    Another Day in PARADISE !!!!
  18. Leo JF
    Leo JF
    Just A Casual Gamer.
  19. hank....
    i have a question? i have window7 on my desktop all in one computer and having problems with dowloading anything
  20. nader